The Workbook   contains 52 pages, including a  separate activity page for each letter and fun review pages throughout.
The Teacher's Guide CD contains the "5 Step" teaching method,review pages and game templates. Certifcate of Completion PDF now included.

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Mix and Match
for budget and class size.

Go to the "Store" to see discounted combination sets.
Our Ingredients:
The  Game Pack has the games found on the CD already prepared. Alef Bet Soup includes a soup pot and 48 playing cards. Alef Bet Bingo includes 30 bingo cards and 150 bingo markers. 1 set of Alef Bet Magnets are included as well! 

The Poster is a great visual learning tool. This poster is one of a kind, in that it uses English words and images paired with the Hebrew Alef Bet. 
19" x 27" and Laminated.

The Project Pack 
contains 32 different packets of materials to decorate  one Workbook.  Very popular and a great time saver.